Finding Funds for Your Film or TV Project

Series: Quick Guide
Publisher: Limelight Editions
Format: Softcover
Author: Gini Graham Scott

Finding Funds for Your Film or TV Project includes a complete overview of the many different ways to get funds for your film – from preparing the materials you need, such as business plans, private placement memorandums, trailers, sizzle reels, and crowd-funding pitches – to how to make effective presentations to prospective funders, from as family members, friends, and business associates, to angels, private investors, established producers, and film financiers. Scott provides a comprehensive introduction to the many options for fund-raising, and includes information on how to prepare the materials necessary, from business plans and Private Place Memorandums to video and PowerPoint presentations to using crowd-funding techniques.

Covered are these key topics:

• The overall film industry and trends in film production

• Deciding what to produce, preparing a script or treatment, determining your needed cast and crew, and coming up with a rough estimate of your budget

• Putting together the needed documents, including creating a schedule and budget, preparing a producer package, business plan, and private placement memorandum

• Creating a crowd-funding campaign

• Developing a trailer and sizzle reel

• Creating your marketing and promotional materials and getting a publicity buzz going

• Developing and presenting your pitch to prospective investors

• Closing the deal and getting your money

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