Star Wars FAQ

Everything Left to Know About the Trilogy That Changed the Movies

Series: FAQ
Publisher: Applause Theatre & Cinema Books
Format: Softcover
Author: Mark Clark

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From the books and movies that inspired George Lucas to imagine the Star Wars universe, to early screenplay drafts that were never filmed, to short biographies of many people who made key contributions to the movies' success, Star Wars FAQ explores every aspect of the original Star Wars trilogy (Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi). Along the way, it unearths underreported stories and illuminating minutiae often skimmed over or completely ignored in other histories of the legendary film series. Highlights include details about the Star Wars Holiday Special debacle, the Ewok TV movies, the rise of Star Wars fiction and its importance in the revival of the franchise, and the wave of Star Wars imitators and parodies that flooded theaters and TV screens in the late 1970s and early 1980s – along with dozens of rare publicity stills and photographs of vintage memorabilia.

Offering an original analysis of the series' enduring appeal and cultural impact, Star Wars FAQ tells a story as thrilling and action-packed as the movies themselves, with bold characters facing apparently insurmountable odds, full of frantic chases, narrow escapes, daring victories, and tragic setbacks, culminating in an unlikely triumph that changed the course of the galaxy – or at least of Hollywood.

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“[Mark Clark] takes readers from George Lucas's original influences – mythology and sci-fi serials, mainly – to the conception, production, and reception of the films, all the way to merchandising, parodies, and knock-offs. The intent is to create a one-stop shop for original trilogy trivia, saving fans the trouble of consulting multiple texts. Indeed, there is an incredible amount of information here.” – Publishers Weekly

“Clark's book is a treasure trove of little details, designed to be picked up and dipped in to on any page.” – BattleRoyalWithCheese

“One thing I've learned since 1977 – you can never know too much about Star Wars, and there will always be something you don't know. I'm constantly (and pleasantly) surprised when I run across a fact or image that is new to me, and Star Wars FAQ did not disappoint on this count. Highly recommended!” – The Bearded Trio

Star Wars FAQ is an abundantly fun read and it's clear that it was something of a passion project for its author who throughout the book strikes a delicate balance between reporting the facts and revealing his opinion. It's clear that he loves Star Wars, but Clark never lets that fact get in the way of being as objective as possible and calling out mistakes and problems with the film series. I highly recommend Star Wars FAQ for long-time fans of Star Wars, relative newcomers, and anyone in-between. No matter what you knew going in, odds are you'll have learned something coming out.” – Coffee with Kenobi

“Every facet of each film's creation that could possibly be covered through research is covered. And, while informative, Clark writes in a casual manner. Even at its most detailed, Star Wars FAQ comes across less like a pedant and more like that friend you can always count on to tell you some cool trivia...Here's a phrase I thought I'd never say, even a few years ago: Star Wars has a bright future. If you want to learn more about its bright and not-so-bright past, or you just want to kill time until every box office record in existence is broken, check out Star Wars FAQ.” – Rebeat

“It's easy enough to get up to speed with [Star Wars: The Force Awkens] itself: the storyline, trailers, cast and characters have all been extensively publicised, and the campaign hasn't finished yet, plus there are plenty of websites and books devoted to the series. For real film devotees, though, the ones who love lots of intricate detail, Mark Clark's comprehensive volume, Star Wars FAQ, will fill in every single knowledge gap, even for the newest of newcomers. Described as 'everything left to know about the trilogy that changed the movies,' it's full to bursting with chapters on parodies, quotes, gaffes, and awards, and that's just four out of a total of 38 topics. With all that minutiae, chances are it will also make Star Wars aficionados feel like they are in seventh heaven, let alone a galaxy far, far away.

Running to nearly 400 pages, the book leaves no Ewok unturned when it comes to bringing together all of the essential facts about the first three Star Wars movies. It's a must for newbies to the series, and chances are that even the most dedicated fan will discover something they didn't know.” –

“It's a perfect time for this book. It's jammed full, 425 pages, of Star Wars minutiae guaranteed to help you lord it over your peers with your scores in Star Wars Facebook quizzes. Clearly, writer Mark Clark has an affection for the subject. The depth of information and knowledge is the kind of thing you'll leave on your coffee table and pick up when you want to know something about IG-88. It reads like he had fun writing it.” –

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