The X-Files FAQ

All That's Left to Know About Global Conspiracy, Aliens, Lazarus Species, and Monsters of the Week

Series: FAQ
Publisher: Applause Theatre & Cinema Books
Format: Softcover
Author: John Kenneth Muir

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The X-Files FAQ explores Chris Carter's popular 1990s science-fiction TV series, which aired on Fox for nine seasons and inspired spin-offs, including feature films, TV shows, toys, novels, and comic books. The book explores the series in terms of its historical context and analyzes how many of the episodes tackle the events of their time: the Clinton era. The X-Files FAQ also tallies the episodes that are based on true stories, selects touchstone moments from the almost decade-long run, and organizes the series by its fantastic subject matter – from serial killers to aliens, from prehistoric menaces to ethnic and religious-based horrors. In addition, the book recalls the TV antecedents (Kolchak: The Night Stalker) and descendants (Fringe) of The X-Files, examines the two feature films, and investigates Chris Carter's other creations, including Millennium, The Lone Gunmen, Harsh Realm, and The After. Featuring numerous stills and the show's most prominent writers and directors, The X-Files FAQ allows readers to relive the “Mytharc” conspiracy and the unforgettable monsters of the week – from the Fluke Man to the Peacocks.

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“From a season-by-season breakdown of major storylines, recurring themes, and minor (but still key) moments in the show's evolution, [The X-Files FAQ] takes new readers into the world, unlocking the show's secrets for them, while offering a thoughtful trip down memory lane for the diehard fans who already know so much of this by heart.” – Manhattan Book Review

The X-Files FAQ is an indispensable tome not only for new fans of the series, but for established aficionados and anyone considering revisiting the series; a much less daunting prospect with John Kenneth Muir as your guide. Vast in its scope and ambition, Muir's book highlights the richness of the series and goes some way to explaining its continuing cult appeal.” –

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