Led Zeppelin – Day by Day

Series: Book
Publisher: Backbeat Books
Format: Hardcover
Author: Marc Roberty

The year 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of Led Zeppelin's formation. From their first rehearsal in a small dingy space in Soho in 1968 until their last concert in 1980, the band conquered the world. Their grueling concert work schedule captured young people's imagination around the globe. Unique inventiveness and originality guaranteed huge album sales and sold-out concerts. Robert Plant and Jimmy Page were the charismatic front men, backed by the superhuman rhythm section of John Bonham and John Paul Jones. Together they produced some truly timeless music, which continues to endure today. Their huge popularity, however, inevitably came at a cost when drugs and alcohol abuse in the last few years of the band's existence started to stifle their creative force, and the untimely death of drummer John Bonham signaled the end of the band.

This day-by-day book details all of the concerts the band performed with set lists (where known) and includes reviews of several significant shows throughout their career. Recording sessions for each album and session work undertaken by individual members are listed in chronological order. The book also corrects previously undetected mistakes as well as providing new information. Quotes from recording engineers and studio staff help paint a true picture of what it was like being in the studio with the band.

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“Marc Roberty's involving Led Zeppelin: Day by Day traces the history of singer Robert Plant, guitarist Jimmy Page, bassist-keyboardist John Paul Jones and drummer John Bonham (the latter who died in 1980) from the group's first rehearsal in Soho in 1968 through the legendary albums, concerts and even recording sessions that propelled their arc as both a band and performers. Beautifully illustrated, Led Zeppelin: Day-by-Day is truly a must-have hardcover volume for fans of the band.” – Robert Kinsler, Rock 'n' Roll Truth

“With this beautifully presented hardback, Marc Roberty...leav[es] the groupie gossip to one side and concentrat[es] instead on the band's history on a tour-by-tour, album-by-album basis, from Jimmy Page's time with The Yardbirds right up to 2007's Ahmet Ertegun tribute show. Completists will love it, as it's stuffed with setlists, original regional reviews, tour ads and posters, alongside forensic, no-nonsense entries for each of the band's shows...[A]nyone interested in the inner workings of Led Zeppelin as musicians, rather than in their rumored backstage shenanigans, will find themselves dipping into random pages for months ahead.” – Classic Rock Magazine

“The depth of analysis in Roberty's definitive chronicling of 'the greatest rock band ever to step onto a stage or into a recording studio' is compelling and reveals the real tragedy behind the band. In Roberty's own words, they were 'a bunch of talented young guys who were not prepared, or equipped, for the massive fame and wealth that came their way in a relatively short period of time.' Led Zeppelin still has a massive fan base and is idolized by millions of followers, both young and not so young. [Led Zeppelin Day by Day] is definitely one for the dedicated fan, with every detail exhaustively researched and verified right down to the set list, length of time of each and every gig, along with the audience reaction to it. For others, glimpsing the photographs will be enough to take them back to the time when four young musicians broke the mold.” – New York Review of Books

Led Zeppelin Day by Day comes from a music historian and journalist who details the rock group's evolution, covers all the concerts the band has performed, and examines how each of their many albums were made, and is a top recommendation for any Zeppelin fan. Many books already cover the brand's history – but not using a daily approach; and not by pinpointing previous errors in Zeppelin historical accounts and correcting them, adding more details about their rehearsals and recordings. From their journeys to different countries on tour to set lists, venues, and show results, Led Zeppelin Day by Day is a treasure trove of facts for any prior Zeppelin enthusiast.” – Midwest Book Reviews

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