Twin Peaks FAQ

All That's Left to Know About a Place Both Wonderful and Strange

Series: FAQ
Publisher: Applause Theatre & Cinema Books
Format: Softcover
Authors: David Bushman, Arthur Smith

Interview with David Bushman and Arthur Smith

Twin Peaks, the infamously strange, seductive, and confounding murder mystery that made network television safe for surrealism, is returning to the small screen after 25 years. Created by David Lynch and Mark Frost, the series enjoys a hallowed standing in popular culture and remains a touchstone in the evolution of TV as an artistic medium. For its many intensely devoted fans, Twin Peaks continues to beguile and disturb and delight; it's a bottomless well of allusions, symbols, conundrums to ponder and images to unpack, an endlessly engrossing puzzle box, an obsessive's dream.

Twin Peaks FAQ will guide longtime fans and the newly initiated through the origins of the series, take them behind the scenes during its production, and transport readers deep into the rich mythology that made Twin Peaks a cultural phenomenon. The book features detailed episode guides, character breakdowns, and explorations of the show's distinctive music, fashion, and locations. With a sometimes snarky, always thoughtful (but never dry or academic) analysis of Twin Peaks' myriad oddities, mysteries, references, and delicious insanity, Twin Peaks FAQ is a comprehensive, immersive, and irresistible reference for experts and newbies alike.

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“In this entry of Applause's pop-culture FAQ line, David Bushman and Arthur Smith cover the David Lynch/Mark Frost cult classic with a crash course that qualifies both as entry-level and deep-dive. The co-authors are at their best in the general, behind-the-scenes stories of how the groundbreaking series and its misunderstood movie prequel came to pass and how the television was changed forever after. Of almost as much interest are chapters detailing the various tie-in books, copycat TV series and cultural references...” – &

Twin Peaks FAQ is the perfect gateway drug for newcomers to the classic series, offering an episode guide, a complete timeline of events from the show, and a rundown of the many many questions and few answers we have from twenty-nine episodes and one film. [...] It's a wonderfully unique way to revisit the show or be introduced to it, as the case may be. And although Laura Palmer's many secrets are contained within, David Lynch's remain ever elusive.” – San Francisco Book Review

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