You Don't Own Me

The Life and Times of Lesley Gore

Series: Book
Publisher: Backbeat Books
Format: Hardcover
Author: Trevor Tolliver

1963 – tail fins were in, sock hops were hot, and a fairytale white knight was president. That summer, sixteen year-old singer Lesley Gore released her debut single, “It's My Party,” propelling her to Number One on the charts. For the next several years, the crowned Princess of Pop dominated the radio with a string of hits including “Judy's Turn to Cry,” “She's A Fool,” “Sunshine, Lollipops & Rainbows,” and the rousing anthem for independence, “You Don't Own Me,” making her the most successful and influential solo female artist of the 60s. But beneath the bubblegum façade was a girl squirming against social and professional pressures to simply be herself and to forge a future where she could write and perform music beyond the trappings of teenage angst and love triangles. Assembled over five years of research and interviews, this is the first and long overdue biography of Lesley Gore, one of pop music's pioneering Mothers, which chronicles her meteoric rise to fame, her devastating fall from popularity and struggle for relevance in the 1970s, and her reemergence as a powerful songwriter, political activist, and camp icon. The biography includes behind-the-scenes stories about the making of her hit records, debunks or clarifies popular myths about her career, and places her remarkable life and times within a historical context to reveal how her music was both impacted by, and contributed to, each decade of her astounding fifty-year career.

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“An insightful profile of an ancestral riot grrrl...What emerges is a portrait of a strong woman who, constrained by the girl group sound, still captured the '60s cultural shift with feminist anthem 'You Don't Own Me' and Martin Luther King elegy 'I Can't Make It Without You.' Later material proved less creatively satisfying for Gore, but identity and emotional release were found from the '90s onward as the host of the PBS TV show In The Life, where she explored LGBT issues.” – MOJO

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