I Wanna Be a Producer

How to Make a Killing on Broadway...or Get Killed

Series: Applause Books
Publisher: Applause Theatre & Cinema Books
Format: Hardcover
Author: John Breglio

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What does a “producer” actually do? How does one travel from that great idea for a show to a smash hit opening night on Broadway? John Breglio cannot guarantee you a hit, but he does take the reader on a fascinating journey behind-the-scenes to where he himself once stood as a child, dreaming about the theatre.

Part memoir, part handbook, I Wanna Be a Producer is a road map to the hows and wherefores, the dos and don'ts of producing a Broadway play, written by a Broadway veteran with more than 40 years of experience. This comprehensive and highly informative book features practical analysis and concepts for the producer – and is filled with entertaining anecdotes from Breglio's illustrious career as a leading theatrical lawyer and producer. Breglio recounts not only his first-hand knowledge of the crucial legal and business issues faced by a producer, but also his experiences behind the scenes with literally hundreds of producers, playwrights, composers, and directors, including such theatre luminaries as Michael Bennett, Joe Papp, Stephen Sondheim, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Patti Lupone, August Wilson, and Mel Brooks. Whether you are a working or aspiring producer, an investor, or are just curious about the backstage reality of the theater, Breglio shares his knowledge and experience of the industry, conveying practical information set against the real-life stories of those who have devoted their lives to the craft.

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“[I Wanna Be a Producer] is a quasi-memoir of [John Breglio's] years serving as an entertainment lawyer with clients like Michael Bennett (director, A Chorus Line and Dreamgirls) and Allan Carr (La Cage Aux Folles). Breglio sprinkles in real-life anecdotes, which detail the creation of these seminal Broadway productions, along with some not so distinctive ones, while also covering the details of how to become a producer...While seeing theater transports us to another world and experience, Breglio's book offers a practical transformative experience in laying out the complete process and details needed to secure the rights and every other aspect necessary for the audience to fully embark on their journey. It will make you appreciate the finer aspects of the theater on a whole other level.” – centerontheaisle.com

“John Breglio, the Broadway lawyer who's represented everyone from August Wilson to Joe Papp, has written an excellent book about the nuts and bolts of putting on a show. I love the title: I Wanna Be a Producer: How To Make a Killing on Broadway ... or Get Killed. His book is a primer on securing rights, negotiating contracts, setting up royalty pools and creating ad campaigns. As such, it will be required reading at every university drama department in the country. But it's also an engaging memoir, laced with memorable anecdotes about Bennett, Lloyd Webber, Sondheim, Jimmy Nederlander and the Shuberts. Breglio was involved in nearly every major Broadway production of the past 40 years. I Wanna Be a Producer is your ringside seat to all the fun, insanity and occasional heartbreak.” – Michael Riedel, New York Post

“John Breglio could hardly be better qualified to share his views, having spent decades as a lawyer advising those wishing to put shows on to the Great White Way before retiring from the day job and becoming a producer in his own right...The attractions of I Wanna Be a Producer are numerous. On a professional level, this is a man who knows his law and business practice inside out and explains things patiently and clearly...By the end of I Wanna Be a Producer, purchasers will have learned a great deal about the mechanics of Broadway, the business of show production and the difficulties of working with temperamental artistic types, not to mention business people. It would be a mistake to assume that this book is nothing more than a manual for would-be producers. The general reader will learn a vast amount about backstage business and may well respect those involved far more as a result.” – British Theatre Guide

“This is a book about the business of Broadway, not the act of creating art. As soon as [author John Breglio] gets to contracts – specifically, discussions of the authors agreements, royalty pools, the APC (”Approved Production Contract“), raising money – we get a primer that is invaluable for those involved in, or merely interested in, the field. I can't stress how good a job does explaining these matters, especially the profit pool; this is the finest and clearest explanation I've ever read... I Wanna Be a Producer is peppered with examples from real life, as Breglio illustrates the discussion with tales drawn from his involvement on such shows as A Chorus Line, Fences, Dreamgirls, Ballroom and more. [A Chorus Line creator Michael] Bennett is frequently cited, as are a panoply of Broadway bigshots of the era. All in all, I Wanna Be a Producer is a fascinating and entertaining look at just what it takes to produce a Broadway musical.” – The Huffington Post

I Wanna Be a Producer is for anyone who wants to see their theatrical vision come alive on stage. But, the book is not just limited to wannabe producers. Theater aficionados also will enjoy learning about what it takes to put on a big Broadway show, the work and collaboration required, the expense it takes to get something mounted, and the anxiety of waiting for critical reviews and audience reaction.” – Le Bob Travel and Culture

“An invaluable resource to any aspiring producer, performer, or devotee of the theater. Simply fantastic all around. 5 STARS” – Manhattan Book Review

“John Breglio really knows his stuff and so he should – he's been working for more than 40 years in the entertainment business as both a lawyer and a producer...I can't recommend this book enough. It is written in a style that throws any idea of academic-style writing out the window. It is as if the author is sitting in the room letting you in on all the ups and downs you could be facing if you decide to go down the production route.” – musicaltheatrereview.com

“Anyone who has dreamed of mounting a show on Broadway or the West End will be interested in John Breglio's comprehensive and informative new book. Part memoir, part handbook, Breglio takes readers through a behind-the-scenes journey on the job of a producer and the path from initial idea to a [hopeful] smash hit. With practical analysis and useful anecdotes the text is stuffed full of knowledge about the theatre industry from a true vet with over 40 years of practical experience. He can't promise you a hit, but he can share his valuable experience of a life well lived in the heart of the theatre industry.” – LondonTheatreCo.uk

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