Television Writing from the Inside Out

Your Channel to Success

Series: Applause Books
Publisher: Applause Theatre & Cinema Books
Format: Softcover
Author: Larry Brody

Television Writing from the Inside Out is a how-to book with a difference: Larry Brody is a television writer-producer who has helped shape the medium. The book is rooted in experience, and told in the breezy style that is the trademark of Brody and his award-winning website TVWriter.Com, which has helped launch the careers of many new writers. The information given by Brody and the manner in which he gives it has made him a writing guru to thousands of hopefuls.

Television Writing from the Inside Out covers: what writing jobs are available; the format, structure and stages of teleplay development; tips on the writing of different genres – drama, comedy, action, the television film, soap opera, animation; and sample teleplays by Brody and others, with analyses of why they were written the way they were in terms of creativity, business, production and “insider politics.”

Television Writing from the Inside Out presents all that Larry Brody has learned about writing, selling and surviving in the television industry. The best-kept secret in show business has been that it is a business, but Brody's readers will know the truth – and armed with their new knowledge, they will have a significant edge as they set out to conquer this fascinating field.

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350 pages

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