Working Shakespeare

The Ultimate Actor's Workshop

The Consumer Edition

Series: Applause Books
Publisher: The Working Arts Library/Applause
Format: Softcover with DVD
Artist: Jeremy Irons
Authors: Cicely Berry, Andrew Wade

How do we enter the heightened, extravagant language of Shakespeare and yet feel truthful in our contemporary world? How do performers excite the audience with Shakespeare's rich imagery and dynamic rhythm, yet make it real for the twenty-first century? We assume that a sophisticated intellectual background is required to grapple with Shakespeare. But there is a much deeper, almost primal response – as available to inner-city students as to their counterparts in the private school – to the sound and rhythm in Shakespeare's language which arouses our emotions: feelings of anger and sorrow, of passion and laughter.

This landmark five-part video series gives voice to Shakespeare's most beloved and widely known speeches and sonnets, performed by a powerhouse ensemble of American and British actors, as they delve into the structure, meaning and power of Shakespeare's language. Each DVD explores a different aspect of Shakespeare's work.

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ISBN: 9781557835383
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157 pages


“If you love theater but secretly sleep through Shakespeare, then Working Shakespeare just might open your eyes to what you've been missing. This new blockbuster, entertaining as well as educational, is great fun to watch with wonderful insights into one of the greatest poets of the English language. Grade: A” – Christian Science Monitor

“A BARD-TASTIC collection! A thorough master class to maximum understanding and expressiveness...Follow along, do the breathing and vocal exercises, and you'll feel an increasing resonance in your speaking voice, and Shakespeare will make you want to read-nay, declaim forcefully-Bard hits.” – Entertainment Weekly

“21 high-profile veterans of stage and screen on a mission to brush up their Shakespeare with fabled RSC voice director. A real workout homing in on the use of language, vocal preparation, movement all the hidden aspects of reading and performing Shakespeare... And you don't have to be an aspiring actor to appreciate these workshops. They have much to offer any theatergoer who wants a real understanding of the plays.” – Chicago Sun-Times

“Awe-inspiring and captivating... Experience Shakespeare as it was/is intended by transforming mere words into vivid, thought-provoking emotions. The viewers are mesmerized by this tiny woman as they witness the joy of fulfillment and revelation of inspired learning on the faces of those she instructs. Working Shakespeare is an extremely valuable teaching tool. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.” – Library Journal

“This intensive workshop is an invaluable resource. Berry's exercises give teens and teachers a concrete approach to Shakespeare's works. Berry, who provides commentary between exercises, commands the thespians' rapt attention as they explore Shakespeare's plays and sonnets.... Onscreen captions allow viewers to follow along.” – Booklist

“This is an exceptional series in a single package – one that is direly needed... Practical and filled with useful ideas, exercises, and methods that achieve results.” – Teacher Librarian

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