Funny: The Book

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Comedy

Series: Applause Books
Publisher: Applause Theatre & Cinema Books
Format: Softcover
Author: David Misch

Funny: The Book is an entertaining look at the art of comedy, from its historical roots to the latest scientific findings, with diversions into the worlds of movies (Buster Keaton and the Marx Brothers), television (The Office), prose (Woody Allen, Robert Benchley), theater (The Front Page), jokes and stand-up comedy (Richard Pryor, Steve Martin), as well as personal reminiscences from the author's experiences on such TV programs as Mork and Mindy.

With allusions to the not-always-funny Carl Jung, George Orwell, and Arthur Koestler, Funny: The Book explores the evolution, theories, principles, and practice of comedy, as well as the psychological, philosophical, and even theological underpinnings of humor, coming to the conclusion that (Spoiler Alert!) Comedy is God.

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ISBN: 9781557838292
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204 pages


“It takes a serious mind to analyze comedy. It takes a funny mind to appreciate it. David Misch is of two minds.” – Jason Alexander, actor

“Funny, intelligent, irreverent, and honest, this book will send you back to your favorite TV shows and movies with a new-found understanding of why you love them.” – Alexa Junge, producer, Friends

“Dad would give Funny: The Book eleven honks. Bravo! (David Misch has now become the sixth Marx Brother.)” – Bill Marx, author of Son of Harpo Speaks


“Like many of the comics he so clearly loves, David Misch's book is smart, silly, and unafraid to take chances; in particular, the chance that discussing and dissecting comedy might take the fun out of it – a risk he overcomes with the greatest of ease, by making the discussion itself so consistently funny and entertaining.” – Jeff Reno; Producer, “The West Wing”, “Moonlighting”

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