Actor's Alchemy

Finding the Gold in the Script

Series: Book
Publisher: Limelight Editions
Format: Softcover
Author: Bruce Miller

An actor's script is both a gold mine, and the map to discovering it: if properly read, a script will reveal its riches to you. Unfortunately, most actors never learn to efficiently read the map, or master how to convert what they find in a script into playable gold. Why? Because this aspect of the acting process is seldom taught in a simple and tangible way in the classroom or studio.

Acting can – and should – be more than guesswork and instinct. Actor's Alchemy: Finding the Gold in Your Script examines the relationship between the script and what an actor ultimately does on the stage or on screen. Here is a straightforward guide filled with useful information to help actors learn to use their scripts in a specific and analytical way to solve the problems of the scene and bring their elusive characters to life. In learning how to decipher the script, actors will be equipped to make the choices that lead to delivering a gold performance.

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