Getting Past Me

A Writer's Guide to Production Company Readers

Series: Quick Guide
Publisher: Limelight Editions
Format: Softcover
Author: Mindi White

Story analysts, also known as script analysts or readers, are the gatekeepers at production companies and agencies. Working behind the scenes, they make or break writers' entrée into the company for which they read. A typical scenario: “I'm sorry, but the reader passed on your script” – which means you have gotten a big, fat NO. You get only one shot at that particular company. What happened?

Getting Past Me tells the writer exactly what happened and how to ensure it will not happen again. Most writers have no idea of what goes through story analysts' mind as they look at a screenplay, manuscript, magazine article, treatment, or any other project. The book explains how story analysts think and what you as a writer can do, letting you in on readers' trade secrets and giving you invaluable, key information that will ensure your work is reviewed favorably and fairly.

Story analyst and industry insider Mindi White goes beyond such basic subjects as character development and pacing and point of view, to focus on a POV the writer cannot get anywhere else: what influences a reader's take on submitted material. Fast-paced, acerbic, and extremely informative, making the valuable lessons easy and fun to absorb, Getting Past Me offers insider tips, trade secrets, and real-life examples that are consistently illuminating and often surprising.

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